About Us

Our Community

Below is a list of organizations/projects that have joined the OSAOS community:

We Support

  1. We support open source and open scholarship principles
    • We connect actors that are working within and for the whole open source ecosystem, i.e. appreciation of context and own purposes within a greater whole, working towards the greater good
    • We bring an open mind to how to achieve best practices- everyone brings their most open mind to the table
  2. We support collaborative development practices
    • We involve end users throughout project development process
    • We reuse rather than replace whenever possible

We Believe

We believe in open source and open scholarship principles

  • We believe that research and scholarship is best done openly
  • We believe that any incremental steps towards openness are valuable
  • We believe that open source is people
  • We believe that contributions aren’t just code. All contributions to open source and open science are valuable. (documentation, community, maintaining, etc.)

Our Actions

OSAOS members are working to further  open source and open scholarship principles in the following ways:

  • We develop and support community-driven open guidelines and standards of practice
  • We contribute to each others projects whenever possible, learn about other projects so that
  • We advocate for each others projects
  • We support each other’s work and advocate for each other’s projects, including how other’s projects can be improved
  • We actively work for equity and inclusivity
  • We work to amplify projects so that they are more visible to the general public and advocated for
  • We work with and build from the work of other open source and open science communities
  • We exist to be greater than the sum of our parts and help and support each other

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct expands our guiding principles and makes the community’s standards of behavior clear. We have adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, and by participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. Read our Code of Conduct on GitLab here.

Join Us

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