Convening the community & looking towards the future

Successful open source projects are about more than just the code. To survive and grow, an open source project must develop a product that meets community needs while engaging the community, delivering on their strategic vision, and smartly managing personnel and finances. We have found that projects across the open source for open scholarship landscape encounter similar challenges around how to handle these and other aspects of project and community management. Projects are often siloed by discipline and have no reliable resource or forum in which to share problems, ideas, and solutions.

To help address this need, we are convening a group to generate a resource for open source  projects. We will bring people together to produce a resource that addresses common challenges for organizations and projects in the open source for open scholarship space. This will be a hackathon-style event that will bring together a diverse group project leaders, managers, and community members to work on creating materials geared that can help solve problems and answer questions unique to open source projects that support open scholarship. We are excited to host people at all levels of experience to share information and ask questions.

We are proud that this event is sponsored by an incredible coalition of funders and stakeholders. Follow along on twitter #osaos and @codeforsociety from July 25-27 and stay tuned for more opportunities to get together in person to discuss these critical issues.

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Photo credit: NYU Bobst Library by Flickr user Juan José Richards Echeverría

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